Week of objc

Four episodes on the last four days of September 2021!

Graham Lee
Graham Lee

We're gearing up for a special week next week at [objc retain]; where we have an episode on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! The secret internal reason for this is to meet some Twitch criteria to allow ad-free subscription to our channel but also we're very happy to get to write Objective-C and share our love of GNUstep with the community, and this is a chance to do more of that.

These episodes will be at the earlier time of 14:00-16:00 UTC, on the 27-30 September. Join us, if you can, we'd love to chat with you! Of course you don't have to choose Twitch if you don't want: check in to the live player, join in the chat and watch replays all through fully free software.

Also please consider becoming one of Graham's patrons or Steven's patrons, and help cover some of the hosting costs of all of this and support creating new episodes. See you for week of objc!