The Goal

[objc retain]; is here to show you that Objective-C still has a live and vibrant community, and that there's a place for your existing Objective-C code and your new projects. That place is…wherever you already are, thanks to free software!

GNUstep has a long history as a free software (open source) implementation of Cocoa, the Objective-C APIs popularly used to create applications on the Mac. But with GNUstep, your ObjC can run on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows…wherever you and your users happen to be.

The Stream

We live-code Objective-C over on Twitch. You can find previous episodes on the replay server, mirrored at our Peertube channel or Youtube playlist. We stream tutorials, porting Cocoa apps, adding new features to GNUstep, and if you join the chat on Twitch you can have a say in what comes next!

See the contact page for details of how you can chat with us.


This stream is now entirely self-hosted and only mirrored to proprietary platforms to aid discovery; please consider becoming one of Graham's patrons or Steven's patrons, and help cover some of the hosting costs of all of this and support creating new episodes!

Small Print

All content at [objc retain]; is made available under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license. The source code for the live stream player is available here, under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.